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Janggi (Korean Chess)

  Janggi, similar to the western game of chess, is a famous tactile game in Korea. Originated from the Chinese game Xiangqi, both games have a history of using this game to educate children with the tactics of battles and war. The 9th chapter of The Art of War (9. Movement and Development of Troops) focuses on evaluating the intentions of others and responding to them. 

  A traditional Janggi set comes with a board like so and Janggi pieces that are all octagon shaped with different Chinese charaters engraved on them. Beacuse there is no visual difference on these pieces except the meanings of the Chinese charaters, it is difficult to teach this game to a new culture. People would have trouble remembering how each individual pieces move, making them lose interest in the game. This custom made Janggi set is to help introduce this game to a new culture, through visual aid of what the actual Chinese charaters mean. This way it helps the players to have visual guidance in playing this game and it will potentially help expand this popular game globaly, introducing a part of Korean history as well.

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