Things to Remember
  It is impossible to 'fold' a sheet of metal like you can do in paper. You can bend metal to certain degrees and angles but it is impossible to fold it 180 degrees. The act of folding metal like paper is contradicting the characteristics metal has. I am making something impossible to work. I like to work in these fashions, challenging the limits that processes have and making the viewer wonder how this sculpture is made.
  This piece is made of many layers of steel sheets that are cut into specific shapes, put together in a calculated pattern, heated up in an oven, then inflated with compressed air. I have said previously in my artist statements or to people, that I embrace precise and intentionally accidental outcomes. This is something that describes this statement very well. There was much calculation into making a piece of metal to inflate but you have no definitive outcome. I can expect the outcome of the process to be a certain way but there is no guarantee it will be 100% like the image I have in mind. There is a range of forgiveness and rules I have and if the result follows under those boundaries, I am satisfied with the outcome. That is what I call a happy accident. That is what I mean by intentionally accidental outcomes. 


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